The STUDENT EDITION of MATHLETES is a full day “hands on” MATH EVENT for grades 2 through 6, which sets the tone for mathematical success & builds bonds between students in an atmosphere that promotes co-operation, fun and learning.

If you are looking for an event with maximum student involvement.... MATHLETES is it!

The FAMILY EDITION of MATHLETES extends the student event with an evening of MATH ACTIVITY and FUN for students & parents.

MATHLETES has delivered OVER 900 presentations in 20 School Boards with many schools now making MATHLETES an ANNUAL EVENT!

The Teaching Table is committed to enhancing students’ self esteem and confidence by delivering interactive, engaging and inclusive opportunities for team work and leadership in the area of mathematics.  We hold the belief that students participation in such team & esteem building activities helps to promote a sense of community and camaraderie that extends far beyond the event itself.

Mission Statement

Our mission is that every student leaves a MATHLETES event feeling better about themselves, their abilities, their classmates and the subject of math than they did before they arrived.


Further, we aim to provide an environment which allows teachers to both participate and observe their students in a variety of math activities while in a team context giving valuable insight into students’ strengths & challenges that might not be easily observed in the classroom setting.



“It was worth every penny to walk into the gym at the end of the day and see such a total level of engagement and enthusiasm on absolutely every student’s face!” “There was a whole lot more happening in the room than just Math and all of it is what kids need to grow and learn as a community!” Column2   Read more

How It Works?      

Your gym is divided into four ENGAGING math zones with students moving through each zone working together in teams to complete as many math activities as possible in four timed periods.

Teams are coached by intermediate students who take part in a 45 minute leadership training prior to the arrival of the participants.   Column3-2 Music, visual images & high energy fuels the day with scores being tabulated & celebrated at the end of each zone motivating students to keep working towards a common GOAL of completing THOUSANDS of MATH QUESTIONS together in one day! MATHLETES concludes with a ribbon ceremony for ALL students to CELEBRATE their MATH accomplishments. Column3

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Questions Completed…
Over 900 Presentations
In 20 School Boards
SO FAR....
What they said….
  • The best school day ever!
  • Engaging, Energetic
  • Excellent leadership opportunity for intermediates
  • A powerful experience
  • Infectious energy & enthusiasm
  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Allowed all students of all abilities to SHINE
  • Turned kids onto MATH
  • The positive experience of MATHLETES lasted much longer than the actual time spent during the activity
  • Money & Time well spent
  • Motivating
  • Challenging
  • The right mix of challenging and spot on appropriate
  • Organization of the day was OUTSTANDING
  • Totally engrossed in MATH
  • Absorbing grade appropriate challenges
  • Absolutely the best full day event I have ever seen
  • The most well run, interactive and engaging school program I have ever seen
  • Older kids supporting and encouraging younger kids
  • Positive foundation to build on not just in math but in the sense of communal pride
  • They wanted to keep answering questions even during recess
  • Great to work alongside our children doing math just for the fun of it

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